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Debunking the Myth: Lambert academic publishing is not a predatory publisher

What is Lambert academic publishing?

Lambert Academic Publishing, also known as LAP Lambert academic publishing, is a German-founded publishing company that specializes in academic research publications. The company was founded in 2002 and has since become one of the leading publishers of academic research in the world. Lambert Academic Publishing focuses on publishing theses, dissertations, and other academic research papers that have been approved by universities and research institutions. With a vast network of distribution partners, Lambert Academic Publishing ensures that the work of researchers and scholars is made available to a wider audience across the globe. The company also offers a range of services to authors, including editing, formatting, and printing, to ensure the quality and professional presentation of their work.

Lambert publishing

Predatory publisher accusation

Lambert Academic Publishing has been accused of being a predatory publisher by some scholars and researchers in recent years. This accusation stemmed from the company’s marketing practice of mass targeting of authors to publish their academic works via emails. This was a marketing strategic mistake, far from being a predatory publisher. In fact, Lambert is the only platform that allows all students to publish their academic works without discrimination. Authors receive royalties, just like any other publisher, but with Lambert it is much more affordable which lowers the risk for authors significantly.

With this open approach you can understand how some professors and academic institutes were not happy. They prefer that only the top students will be able to publish their thesis and dissertations. Lambert’s approach is profoundly different. They believe that any academic work that has been approved by an academic institute is worthy of being published. There is no good or bad, It’s either acknowledged by the institute or not.

Some individuals decided to defame Lambert’s name for that reason.

If you will further investigate it, you will be surprised how these accusations were not accurate and may have been more of a strategic marketing mistake by the company.

In reality, Lambert Academic Publishing is a legitimate publishing company that has been in operation for over two decades. The company provides a platform for researchers to publish their work and share their findings with a wider audience.

Lambert Academic Publishing operates on a business model that allows for the publication of academic research papers without the need for a traditional publishing contract, thereby allowing researchers to bypass the lengthy and often frustrating traditional publishing process.

However, this unique business model has led to some negative criticism and accusations of predatory publishing. 

Despite these accusations, Lambert Academic Publishing has taken steps to address these concerns and clarify its position in the academic publishing world. The company has increased its peer-review process and improved the quality control measures in place to ensure that only high-quality research is published. Additionally, the company has also lowered its publishing fees to an unrivalled level.

Lambert Academic Publishing’s model is disruptive

Lambert Academic Publishing has several advantages that set it apart from its competition in the academic publishing industry. These advantages include:

Easy and quick publishing process: Lambert Academic Publishing offers an easy and quick publishing process that allows researchers to publish their work without the lengthy and complicated process of traditional academic publishing. This makes it a more attractive option for researchers who want to get their work published quickly and efficiently.

No publishing contract required: Unlike traditional academic publishers, Lambert Academic Publishing does not require a publishing contract, allowing researchers to retain the copyright to their work. This is an advantage for researchers who want to maintain control over their research and want to be able to share it freely with others.

Affordable publishing fees: Lambert Academic Publishing offers affordable publishing fees, making it a more accessible option for researchers who may not have access to funding or grants to cover expensive publishing fees. This also makes it a more attractive option for researchers who want to publish multiple papers without breaking the bank.

Worldwide distribution network: Lambert Academic Publishing has a vast network of distribution partners, allowing researchers to reach a wider audience with their work. This is an advantage for researchers who want to share their research with a global audience and increase the visibility of their work.

Professional editing and formatting services: Lambert Academic Publishing offers professional editing and formatting services to ensure that the research is presented in a professional and high-quality manner. This is an advantage for researchers who want to ensure that their work is presented in the best possible light.

In conclusion, while Lambert Academic Publishing may have made some strategic marketing mistakes in the past, it is not a predatory publisher. The company provides a legitimate platform for researchers to publish their work and share their findings with a wider audience. Lambert Academic Publishing has taken steps to address concerns about its publishing practices and has improved its quality control measures. Therefore, researchers can confidently consider Lambert Academic Publishing as a viable option for publishing their academic research papers.

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