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Where can I publish my thesis for free?

publish my thesis

There are several open access repositories that allow you to publish your thesis for free, such as: 

  • OpenThesis
  • Google Scholar
  • Digital Commons Network
  • ResearchGat and more. 

It’s important to check the policies of each repository and make sure that it aligns with your institution’s guidelines for sharing scholarly work before you are ready to upload your thesis online. 


If you’re wondering, ‘Where can I publish my thesis?’ there are many repositories, yet the reason that you want to publish your thesis will determine the tool you will use to publish it. If your goal is to reach as wide an audience as possible and to generate income off of it, the most common and well-known option is through Lambert Academic Publishing. Learn about the importance of publishing in academic writing

Publish Your Thesis With Lambert Academic Publishing

Publishing your thesis as a book is a significant milestone in your academic journey, and with Lambert Academic Publishing, it has never been easier. With its decades of experience and commitment to quality, is the ideal partner to help you bring your work to a wider audience.


Turning Your Research Into Reality


As experts in academic publishing, we understand the unique requirements of researchers and scholars. Whether it’s your master’s thesis, doctoral dissertation, or any other academic work, our team has the experience and knowledge to guide you effectively. 

From manuscript formatting to comprehensive publication support, we are here to support you through every stage of the process.

One of the key benefits of publishing your thesis with Lambert Publishing is the level of support you will receive. Whether you need help with the editing process, creating a book cover, or distributing your work, Lambert Publishing is here to help. 

With our team of editors, designers, and marketers, you can trust that your work will be in good hands.You can actually do it by yourself online by using our platform and see the outcome before it is in the publishing process.

Furthermore, by publishing your thesis with a reputable publisher, you can boost your academic credentials and demonstrate your expertise in your field.

publishing my thesis

Finally, Lambert Academic Publishing is dedicated to providing its authors with the best possible experience. From the initial submission to the final publication, Lambert Publishing is committed to working closely with you to ensure that your work is published to the highest standard. 

You will receive regular updates and feedback throughout the publication process, and will have access to a dedicated customer service team to address any questions or concerns you may have.

In conclusion, publishing your thesis with us is the best way to share your research and make a lasting impact in your field. With its commitment to quality, support, and visibility, Lambert Academic Publishing is the ideal partner to help you achieve your academic goals. 

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you publish your thesis as a book for free and take the next step in your academic journey.

The bottom line is, that you get the best results for the thesis you worked so hard on. And it is free of charge to publish your thesisit’s a shared revenue model.

Thesis Publications in Multiple Languages

Lambert also allows thesis publications in multiple languages. There are many publications that were made from several European countries.  For example, as a student in Germany, completing your thesis is a major accomplishment. 

However, why not take it one step further and share your hard-earned research with a worldwide audience? Publishing your thesis has numerous benefits, including:

  • increasing your visibility and credibility;
  • promoting your work and expertis;
  •  connecting with others who share your interests and passion.

Here are two  key benefits of publishing your thesis in a second language


1. Increased Visibility and Credibility


Publishing your thesis can help you stand out in the academic community and increase your visibility as a thought leader in your field. By sharing your work with a global audience, you can demonstrate your expertise and make a positive impact on the industry. 

This, in turn, can lead to opportunities for further research, collaboration, and even job offers. Additionally, publishing your thesis is a permanent record of your academic achievements, which can be referenced by others in the future and become a valuable resource for students and professionals alike.


2. Promoting Your Work and Expertise By Publishing Your Thesis


If you’re looking to enter academia, start your own business, or work in the industry, sharing your research can increase your chances of success. This is especially true in today’s digital age, where information is easily accessible and widely shared. 

By publishing your thesis, you can share your ideas and insights with a larger audience, which can help you gain recognition and increase your professional network.

Are you a researcher or an author struggling to get your thesis published? Look no further than Lambert Academic Publishing–we will help your research to get noticed!

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